Each day at Eagle Venture Fund, we are inspired by the founders we have the privilege of serving. They are audacious, they walk with a limp, and they have learned hard lessons from experience. Yet they see a better future for others and are building companies that get us excited about that future.

What do we invest in and what kind of founders are we called to support?

We invest in purpose-driven entrepreneurs because they are our tribe. Eagle’s founders have started more than 60 companies, and we build a quarter of our investment portfolio in our own business labs. We dive in and help founders grow their companies because we’ve been there. We know the pain of raising capital, developing a team, finding product market fit, and shaping culture. We pour our experience into our founders through Eagle University group education, Eagle Leadership Development one-on-one coaching, and the Eagle Venture Lab’s co-creation engine. Many of our founders have expressed their appreciation for our firsthand experience with challenges similar to their own, and how this sets us apart from traditional VCs. We invest in purpose-driven entrepreneurs because we are purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

We invest in solutions for the underserved, the vulnerable, and the suffering. As a team of venture capitalists who all fought in our respective militaries in the US, South Africa, and Switzerland, we are warriors whose passion is improving people’s lives in measurable and scalable ways. We support founders from underserved communities who share our desire to combat injustice and improve lives. Here are a few examples:

  • LivFul is bringing health access to low and middle income countries
  • FRDM is combatting modern day slavery through software
  • Evidencity is combatting modern day slavery through tech-enabled due diligence in 81 countries

For us, impact is simple: improving people’s lives on generational and exponential scales.  We do this through (1) investing in companies that scalably enhance people’s lives and (2) supporting our nonprofit partner, the Eagle Foundation, where we fund, measure, and accelerate the restoration and flourishing of cities.

We invest in scalable businesses that shape a better future. We invest in fintech, healthcare, SaaS and tech-enabled services that can significantly grow.  These are purpose-driven founders and teams that are making a significant cultural impact by innovating redemptive products, creating desirable jobs, and powering economic growth.

  • ArborXR is helping hundreds of companies train and connect their employees more effectively
  • Wise Medicine is integrating holistic health with traditional medicine for patients fighting chronic and serious diseases
  • ProForma is helping startup companies get funded with free planning tools

We invest at the intersection of financial performance and positive impact. We are often asked how we balance impact versus financial performance, and our goal is to answer “yes.” The “have your cake and eat it too” business models are rare, and we are elated when we find them. They grow because of their impact, and their impact grows because of their financial success.

We invest in companies like VeroSkills, which is upskilling underserved populations into technology jobs, or Immerse, which is helping people boost their earning potential through learning English in virtual reality. Both perform with excellence, both have significant impact.

Our passion is to invest time, talent, and capital in these audacious founders who are building  transformational companies that make the world a better place.